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Beijing Events :
Wu Dao Kou Pub Crawl III

Saturday October 16th 2004
Departs from Lush 8:00PM


Join PSB in the Happen'n HaiDian District this Saturday October 16th for our WuDaoKou Pub Crawl. This is an extremely fun Beijing event you won't want to miss. It's a great way to enjoy the variety and atmosphere different locations as well as great drink specials along the way. As always we promise an excellent lineup of talented DJ's at every location.

Special Ticket Pricing:

  • 50 kuai until friday 26th
  • 80 kuai on the 10/16/2004 (day of event).

Get your Tickets By Contacting:

  • Lush 010-82863566
  • alfa 010-64130086
  • PSB 136 8126 3881 or 131 2117 4860

The ticket includes a free drink at every place, transportation on the Psb Party Bus along with special musical performances (Dj,Liveband ect) at every stop

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